Mary Botta is a graduate of the School of the Hartford Ballet.  She trained and danced with Joe Jenkins, who was a Blackpool finalist and ranked 3rd in the world.  Mary holds a Fellow with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.  She is a trainer for the ISTD, Adjudicator for the National Dance Council  of America, and a Ballroom Branch Championship level judge.  Locally, Mary has many students pursuing all Dance styles.  She takes pride in her long- running Formation team which performs new choreography semiannually.  Her students have also achieved honors in the medal system with the ISTD.   Mary proactively expands her students’ progress through numerous showcase performances and through her annual March Medal test and workshop event.   In addition,  Mary’s students participate in all levels of Pro-Am and Amateur competition.  Coached by Champion dancers like Lori Woods Gay, Examiner for the USISTD, Ms. Botta eagerly pursues new concepts harmonizing sport and art to create Dance.YUL1718_29150806A-(ZF-5234-94277-2-001)_preview