Professional Standard Teaching Training Event

This 30 hour training event is both virtual and in person. 

Training: How to prepare for your exam, technique, routines, presentation, practice and more.

To Register: Send deposit to reverse your spot. Name, address, email, goal for your exam and current dance experience. Email

Starting Monday, February 6th 1:30-3pm EST on zoom.  (No class week of April 24)

In person May 8 – 11 at the Promenade Dance Studio:

2605 Lord Baltimore Dr.
Windsor Mill, MD 21244

Exams are available May 12th.-15th. 

The Standard course will be $900. Per person. 
Professional drop-in price $45 for 90 minutes.

Foxtrot Formation 2023

Mondays at the Promenade 7 – 8 pm
Begins Monday, February 12

$380 per person
Payment schedule for performers:
$190 per person due by 2/12
$190 per person due by 4/17

If you are unable to make your session call 443-934-6696 to cancel 24 hours prior without penalty.

Unsure about a Zoom Virtual Session?

It may seem intimidating, but virtual Zoom sessions are breaking barriers in society these past few weeks we have been in isolation.  Open yourself up to the new opportunities that await and learn more about Zoom through these helpful tutorials.  I promise you will be pro-users in no time!

I am proud to offer both dance and life coaching sessions using this new technology.  It is the human connection we must maintain during these times, and technology is here to help.